Music Mayhem


Recording has been a passion for many years, starting with old reel to reel valve decks in the late ’70s, four track tape decks in the ’80s, multi track reel to reel in the ’90s, digital recording in 2000. We have done many many recordings from live gigs to studio albums for BMG Sony. Our studio has a great basement jam room feel to put the artists at ease, while using excellent equipment to capture the true performance. Check the gallery for photos.



We can record one off songs for demo purposes or for future compilation.

Radio Ads

Let us assist you with your radio advertising or have us create an advertisement for you. Take the time to create something truly special.

Website Audio

Need some audio for your website? Have us create the perfect little ditty for you.


We will work with you to create a complete album of your musical creations. Some session musicians may be available if you are unable to source the talent yourself.

Audio Enhancing

We will enhance or extract background noises or voices from audio recordings done for investigative purposes. This service only applies to those that can produce a “private investigators license” or a request from the “New Zealand Police Department”.

Sound Effects

Looking for a specific sound effect? Contact us first for a quote on recording the sound that you require.

Media Transfer

We can copy audio from many types of media and transfer it to CD, Cassette, MiniDisk, DAT and computer wav format.

Bulk Duplication

We work closely with an Auckland firm to supply a bulk duplication service. Bulk duplication includes cassette and CD. Shorter duplication runs may also include MiniDisk and computer floppy disk.

Recording Equipment


A selection of Shure, AKG and Rodes microphones are used in the studio.

Mixing Console

We use a 16 channel Behringer (DDX3216) mixer to provide us with super low hiss quality recording.

Effect Rack

No one brand name can supply a full range of quality units so our effect rack is made up from units designed by Behringer, AKG, Fostex and Alesis.


The six main recording units that we use are Fostex E-16, Fostex G-16, Phillips CD writer, Sony MiniDisk, Phillips DAT and Phillips cassette recorder.


All recording is done from our studio which is incorporated into our main retail building.